Euro-America was established on June 1st of 1989, in Novo Hamburgo, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
A company focused in Import and Export Services with goals based around delivering the best solutions on Counseling, Shipping and International Transport. It has an expertise in the Leather Goods Industry that made Euro-America assume a leading position in the marketplace with agents in several countries and branch offices in the main airports and port cities around the country as Paranaguá and Santos.

Trustworthy and Innovation
The international expertise of more than 23 years has always been based around credibility and trust, both earned with daily hard word, dignity and innovation to clients and suppliers.

Commitment and Persistence
Euro-America has a high commitment sense with its clients.  The approach is to always deliver a flexible service which means to combine and operate as many arrangements of express services to be the best and effective solution.

Know How
“Knowing” and “making” walk together in Euro-America’s beliefs, that’s why every day is an opportunity to offer services with the accuracy and security that the client needs.